Bee venom has been revered throughout history for its medicinal properties and pain-relieving abilities, but only recently has it been introduced to the skincare industry.

Our Founder Deborah Mitchell started experimenting with bee products at her kitchen table, embarking on a mission to create the ultimate age-defying facial max. She tested many iterations to find just the right balance of bee venom and Manuka honey to create the product she envisioned. “I wanted to find an alternative to Botox after I noticed wrinkles starting to appear on my face,” said Mitchell.

During her trials, Mitchell had clients test the masks. Despite the first iterations being a bit too sticky from too much honey, her clients raved about the results. After a few more trials, Heaven Skincare’s distinguished Bee Venom Mask formulation line was born.

The Beauty Benefits of Bee Venom
The latest studies on bee venom have revealed “some evidence suggesting its antimicrobial and anti-wrinkle effects,” including enhanced collagen and the stimulation and recovery of damaged skin cells. While it’s important to note this bee venom research is still in its infancy, we believe the results speak for themselves!

The defining feature of Heaven Skincare is our patented ingredient ABEETOXIN®, the world’s rarest bee venom. In addition to the celebrated Bee Venom Mask product line, ABEETOXIN® is used in numerous Heaven Skincare formulations, including Bee Polish, New Edition Cleanser, Silk Skin Bee Bee Cream Honey, Formula Bee Eyes, Bee Venom Eyes, and Bee Peel.

ABEETOXIN® is a potent ingredient that stimulates facial muscle contraction, firming and lifting the skin and penetrating fine lines to create a visible youthful effect. ABEETOXIN® is a completely natural, organic, non-invasive alternative to injectable Botulism Toxin, also known as Botox. This is anti-aging at its finest!

How Do We Extract Bee Venom?
We know that bees are crucial to the health of our ecosystems, so we practice a responsible, humane extraction process that does not cause any harm to bees. This proprietary extraction process encourages bees to sting a pane of glass which is placed alongside the hive. The glass pane has a small electrical hum running through it, attracting the bees to the surface. Tingled by this hum, the bees then sting the glass and release their venom with their stings still intact. This is important because typically, when bees release their venom, they lose their pointed sting, which results in their death.

When bees secrete their venom, an odor is released which grabs the attention of other bees, who then also begin to sting. After the bees release their venom, it eventually dries on the glass panes which are then transported to a laboratory so the venom can be scraped and collected. By using this gentle extraction process, we successfully milk the venom, and the bees contently buzz away with their stings still intact. It’s a win-win!

Our Bee Venom Mask Product Line
Our Bee Venom Masks have received world-renowned recognition as the ‘natural alternative to Botulinum Toxin.’

Gold Bee Venom Mask: The Gold Bee Venom Mask contains the highest potency of ABEETOXIN® of all three masks. This revolutionary mask boasts powerful healing properties and a luxurious combination of shea butter, organic rose and lavender oil as well as vitamin E, Manuka honey and beta-carotene. Due to the bee venom’s rarity, only 500 jars are made annually which means it sells out quickly!

Black Bee Venom Mask: Known as “facelift” in a jar, the Black Bee Venom Mask contains a quarter of ABEETOXIN®, helping to soothe and heal skin. It effectively aids dry skin and tackles blemishes, eczema, and rosacea.

Silver Bee Venom Mask: Every bee in the hive has their own specific role and duties, including the Queen, the drones, and the worker bees. The Silver Bee Venom Mask contains venom from the worker bees. This is the perfect entry-level product for those looking to try bee venom for the first time at a lower price point.


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