Back in 2008, Deborah Mitchell made the first ever bee venom mask, which she used during signature facials. At this point she didn't realize it would hold such worldwide acclaim or be used by Hollywood celebrities, British Royalty and many other discerning upscale clients.

Her clients loved the bee venom mask so much, they started asking if they could buy it! Deborah was amazed by this, so she turned her proprietary, bee venom into a patented ingredient called Abeetoxin ® and it quickly became wildly popular amongst her clients, elite Hollywood celebrities and even British Royalty. One of her main concerns was that no bees were harmed and she would be able to source the bee venom in an ethical, sustainable way. She worked with scientists and bee keepers for years to ensure that cultivating the Abeetoxin would not even harm one precious bee. The result? Deborah not only was able to achieve this goal, but studies show that her proprietary process may extend the bees life! Deborah went on to develop the entire Heaven Skincare line around Abeetoxin ®…and the rest is history.

Originally, she only had the one mask in mind, until someone from Kenya contacted her. They ran a bee charity and were interested in this mask and how it works. After multiple conversations, they offered Deborah the ultimate queen bee's venom. This is when Deborah developed three levels of concentration of bee venom and came up with the idea of Silver, Black, and Gold.

Bee venom is a clear odorless liquid that's released from a honeybee when it stings. It consists of more than twenty known compounds, the most prominent being Melittin, a protein naturally occurring in bee venom that boasts powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-wrinkle properties.

Heaven's Abeetoxin tricks the skin into thinking it has actually been stung, which causes the body to direct blood towards that area, stimulating the production of collagen, which strengthens tissue and elastin, which helps the skin to remain firm and bounce back into shape.

So how do we collect bee venom with no harm to our precious bees?

Our proprietary, patented and one of a kind extraction process releases a small current through a pane of glass that causes the bees no harm, but encourages them to sting the glass, depositing their venom. After they release the venom, they are set free back into their natural habitat. There are some studies that suggest this process can actually extend the bee’s life!

Typically, when a bee stings a person, the stinger gets released into the flesh, causing the bee to die. However, when they sting glass, the stinger remains intact because the surface is too hard, but their brain tells them they’ve stung, so they won’t sting again.

With this revolutionary, sustainable and ethically conscious process in her possession, Deborah launched the Heaven Skincare line and created quite a buzz (pun intended) in the beauty industry! Deborah’s products are now found in the UK, Hungary, Dubai, Italy. France, Korea, and many other countries. It is via an exclusive distribution agreement with Skincareplug LLC that these coveted products are now available in the US!

All Heaven Skincare products are made with organic ingredients and work synergistically to control the facial muscles for tightening, firming and lifting, while penetrating fine lines, frown lines and wrinkles yielding an immediate anti-aging effect.

We recommend you start with the lower concentration and work your way up to the Gold Bee Venom Mask, a highly sought after and limited availability product used by A list Celebrities, British Royalty and other elite clientele around the world.

Silver – contains venom of the worker bee. Black – contains a quarter rare bee venom, giving you a stronger sting. Gold- If you are like us and completely obsessed with these heavenly bee venom masks we can't recommend Gold enough!” The Gold bee venom mask contains the world’s rarest bee venom from the queen bee and there are only a limited amount made annually.

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