Like many teenagers, leading businesswoman Deborah Mitchell suffered from severe acne during her adolescence. Couple that with dyslexia and you’re bound to experience some rocky teenage years. She struggled to find skin products that were gentle, natural, and effective enough to address her skin woes. What’s worse, she was bullied for her skin’s appearance.

Deborah decided to take action by enrolling in a beauty course at her local college and soon became a mobile therapist at the ripe age of 17. She applied the skills she learned in her course and started mixing and matching essential oils with creams.

Her dream was to help people feel and look their best by overcoming any skin insecurities they may have. With a belief deeply rooted in the importance of inner beauty, as well as outer beauty, she thought no one should have to experience shame or embarrassment about their skin like she had in her younger years. Mitchell adds, “there’s no better feeling than helping someone who may have suffered with a skin issue for years and I can ease that for them.”

After 30 years of growing a highly successful global business, it’s safe to say Mitchell has made her dream a reality. When she’s busy not working on the Heaven Skincare line or offering a treatment in one of her salons, she travels the world as an inspirational speaker, sharing her personal experiences of building a multi-million-pound global beauty brand from her kitchen table.

Plush Enough for Royalty
Best known for its innovative and instantaneous effects, Heaven Skincare is not your average skincare brand. All products are natural, organic, never tested on animals, and suit a variety of even the most difficult skin needs, including but not limited to rosacea, eczema, and blemishes.

Lauded by a laundry list of celebrities and British royalty, the most prominent product line is most certainly the Bee Venom Masks. These innovative creams work with your facial muscles to immediately lift, tighten, and firm your skin while targeting signs of aging. As reported by Vanity Fair, Kate Middleton swears by the Gold Bee Venom Mask, which she used before her wedding day at the suggestion of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Mitchell is irrefutably one of the most trusted faces in skin care, having worked closely with the royals and other celebrities for many years.

Building a Better Beauty Brand
As a hands-on boss, Mitchell has the unique opportunity to meet customers face to face each day at the counter while carrying out facial treatments. She established a flagship salon in Shifnal, in the heart of Shropshire, and hired a team of elite beauty therapists to provide special face, body, lash and brow treatments using only Heaven Skincare natural products. Since then, she’s expanded her salon presence with over a dozen brick and mortars scattered throughout England.

Mitchell understands the complexity of being an entrepreneur and a mum. As a working mother-of-two, Deborah remembers the days of simultaneously trying to launch a business while maintain the roles of motherhood, supervising her family’s busy lives and routines. That’s why she’s placed such an emphasis on easy-to-use, hassle-free, and most importantly, effective products for busy caretakers. These skin care necessities make the daily skincare routine a breeze and effectively address several complexion troubles at the same time.

When asked how she’s evolved over the years, she’s humble and likes to say that she still views the world through “rose-tinted spectacles.” Her daughter Ella now works alongside her. The mother-daughter duo collaborate on business strategy and decisions in order to create the best possible products and experiences for their devoted customers.

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